AI integrated platform

a platform for integerated AI character

Are you a character creator who loves drawing or designing characters? Ever wished to keep and develop your designs without losing them? Good news! I'm building a platform where you can create, store, and retrieve character settings like text prompts, reference photos, and voice samples. Your characters will even have a unique ID and life in an AI ecosystem—working, playing, and interacting. If you have resources, help others by contributing voices, images, and stories. I plan to open an API for sharing world data among creators.

Role-Play Simulator

Speaking Conversation System

Free Interview Simulator with Speech Practice, Rewards, and Player Rankings - Open World Game

Game Cafe


IA Cross-Platform Adventure Blending Practicality and Play, Offering Enhanced Engagement, Deep Experiences, Diverse NPC Personalities, and a Fusion of Human and AI Artistry

Art Studio

Generate Free and Customize Artwork. Fantasic Image to Artwork System

It's absolutely free! Request a unique Graphic from our expert designer Lena. She'll craft a special masterpiece just for you in a matter of minutes, filled with style.

Web Production

Web Design & Programming Experience.


Introduce Latest AI Projects


  • We bring the real world to life online. We enjoy crafting unique graphics that set our designs apart. Our work isn't 'fast food.'
  • We believe in subtle animation effects that breathe life into web pages. We prefer a low-key and understated approach.
  • We value simplicity and comfort, striking a harmonious balance between technology and art.

Reference for Online Shop

Reference for Content Management and Product Search


  • Requirement Gathering
  • Confirm Project
  • Initial Layout
  • Modifications
  • Backend Programming
  • Complete Testing
  • Server Setup and Delivery

About InchReact/InchProduction
Currently providing services in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong, . Feel free to schedule a meeting to discuss collaboration opportunities.
Past Hong Kong Studio, Captured in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, in 2018
Past Hong Kong Studio, Captured in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, in 2018

What Is inch?

"inch" stands for "indie characters". We believe every character, whether it's a person, animal, plant, or even a tiny robot the size of an inch, has its very own special personality and identity. I use this belief to create special and one-of-a-kind technology and creations.

My Journey

My journey providing web production service began in Hong Kong at 2005. Until 2021, the new challenges started in the UK.

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